Kaarigur, Home & Lifestyle Boutique



Meet the brains behind kaarigur.

Neelam Nasir; a philanthropist at heart, a designer by choice, has a dream of empowering and lifting women all over the globe. Her desire to provide a platform to women and marginalized people is what gave birth to kaarigur.

She comes from a marketi

With a keen eye for design and love for traveling, she decided to start a small business that would serve two purposes; provide bold and eccentric designs for homes and provide financial stability to aspiring artisans and craftsmen based in rural areas.


From a young age, Neelam acquired a taste for fine quality and a love for handcrafted decor and jewelry. She loves to curate one of a kind pieces from all over the world to share them with like-minded people, who crave to feed their sense of wanderlust and nostalgia with unique, timeless handcrafted home decor and accessories.


We are so excited to announce we are now on Etsy!

Kaarigur – Home Decor Boutique

screen shot 2019-01-20 at 12.48.50 pm


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