kaarigur, handcrafted home décor

At kaarigur, we provide premium quality home furnishings.

Our premium handcrafted pieces are where home decor gets personal. We use traditional methods to create exotic and modern accent pieces. Each item in our collection is crafted with the utmost attention to quality and detail.

Feed your sense of wanderlust and nostalgia with our unique, timeless handcrafted pieces. 

Our premium quality furnishings are a perfect blend of boho-chic and modern. More environmentally friendly and unique; handmade goods are exquisite tools to add culture and character to your home. With quality workmanship, our items help foster an appreciation for craft and artistry, as well as illuminate the connection between the things we bring home and the people who make them. Our focus is to provide products that can’t be found everywhere and to create spaces that inspire our customers to develop their own sense of personal style.


kaarigur stands for “artisan”.

Each unique piece at kaarigur is handcrafted by skilled artisans. We work mainly with women enterprises, and aspiring artists and craftsman; empowering them and providing financial sustainability. We want to be a movement, not just seller of handcrafted products.

Our brand works with vendors that employ artisans and workers in developing regions in fair-practice settings, aiming to nurture a demand for their skills and empower their communities to prosper. Whereas charity can provide immediate relief to people in need, the goal of commerce in the context of ethical fashion is more long-term: to create sustainable employment opportunities. 

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